Rules and Regulations

All three days:
Grade 1,2 and 3
Veteran (dogs over the age of 7 years)
Junior handlers (no licence required)

Jump heights:
At STARS the jump heights will be on:
Small 30cm - Medium 40 - Large 60cm
Veteran dogs 20-30-40 cm.

Entry fee for foreign participans:
Per dog, for all 3 days 50 Euros
Veteran dogs, for all 3 days 30 Euros
Junior handlers, for all 3 days 15 Euros

Junior handlers:
You're a junior when you've the age between 7-18 years.
Junior handlers run 1 course a day. Qualifiers are on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Points can be earned during these runs.
All junior handlers will run during the finals on Thursday.
The results of the qualifier will determine the starting order in the finals.
The junior handler can participate with a dog that's running with a adult handler.
There will be no different age categories for junior handlers when we have less then 12 juniors participate.
When we have more then 12 juniors we make 2 groups; 7-12 years and 12-18 years.

Veteran dogs:
Veteran dogs will run two courses a day, 1 Agility and 1 Jumping.
Points can be earned on each run.
The best 10% will go forward to the final.

Grade 1, 2 and 3
These classes will run 3 courses on Tuesday and Wednesday.
And 2 courses on Thursday.
Points can be earned on 2 courses on Tuesday and Wednesday (agility and jumping).
And 1 course on Thursday (agility)
The best 10% from the overall ranking per grade will go forward to the final.
On the 3rd run of the day on Thuesday and Wednesday you can directly qualify for the final.
On Thursday on 1 course you can directly qualify for the final (jumping)


Ofcourse every handler will show her/his STAR in the finals.
Also you can win really nice usefull prices.
Read here how you can make it.

Junior handlers:
All junior handlers will qualify for the finals on Thursday. 
Starting order will be reverse order, based on the results of the previous runs.

Veteran dogs:
The best 10% of veteran dogs of the STARS competition can participate in the final.

Overall ranking Grade 1, 2 and 3
Agility and Jumping courses on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Jumping on Thursday will count in the overall rankings.
Points can be earned each run, the best 10% of each class/hight will qualify for the final.

Direct placement:
On all 3 days an open course will be run that count seperate to the other courses.
All grades run the same course, there will be no distinction in grade.
The best 5% per parcours of each heigt category will go straight to the final.

Grand Final:

Thursday afternoon:
Junior handlers Finals
Veteran dogs Finals
Small Finals
Medium Finals
Large Finals